California should be a separate country - The California Republic.

   The idea is not complicated. California should be as independent as Switzerland or Chile, its people free to create a government of policies not hindered by lingering commitments to racial, economic, or religious bigotry nor by fear of not being the alpha country in a world of sovereign countries.

   The proposal is to have the California Legislature petition the Congress of the United States to permit California's independence through a negotiated agreement. This is not a proposal to unilaterally secede potentially causing a second Civil War. Nor is it a "Nationalist" movement based upon some ethnic or extended tribal differences. Instead, the idea is based upon the assumption that if Californians through their Legislature petition Congress for permission to withdraw from the Union and Congress approves, perhaps after a referendum on the matter California simply returns to being the California Republic.

    No civil war, no terrorist movement, no riots - just an agreement between rational, democratic people.

    Why, you might ask, would any seriously propose this? Click the poppy to read about it: