There are those who don't understand the feeling of hopelessness out here.  The press played up President Bush's post election press conference where he supposedly said he would be reaching out to the other side.  The following are the exact quotes from that conference transcript with emphasis added:

    "Whatever our past disagreements, we share a common enemy. And we have common duties: to protect our peoples, to confront disease and hunger and poverty in troubled regions of the world.
    "I'll continue to reach out to our friends and allies, our partners in the EU and NATO, to promote development and progress, to defeat the terrorists and to encourage freedom and democracy as alternatives to tyranny and terror."

    "In the election of 2004, large issues were set before our country. They were discussed every day on the campaign.
    "The campaign over, Americans are expecting a bipartisan effort and results. I'll reach out to everyone who shares our goals. And I'm eager to start the work ahead."

    "And I don't need to rehash my case, but I did so -- I made the decision I made in order to protect our country first and foremost.
    "I will continue to do that as the president. But as I do so, I will reach out to others and explain why I make the decisions I make."