Our Audio/Video System
1 Dish 500 w/wingdish for 129 (pictured below)
1 Dish ViP722DVR and 1 ViP612DVR
   with four WD MyBook Essential 750GB and one 1TB Hard Drives
1 Yamaha RXV2700 AV Receiver
1 Panasonic Plasma Display TH42PWD5UY
1 Panasonic DMRE50 DVD Recorder
1 Sony DVPNC675P CD/DVD 5 Disc changer
1 HP A800n PC (connected to the system)
1 Wii
1 Bose Acoustimass 10 Series
Our Dish Network dishes
As one can see, trees are a problem although we are fortunate to have a "view" of the necessary Dish Network satellites. To the left and right of the picture are solid masses of trees. The Dish 500 dish on the roof is for 110 and 119. The other Dish 500 "wing dish" is for 129.
The wing dish
This picture was taken just after I remounted the wing dish. Techs had been out three times. The first time was for the HD installation September 14, 2007. Two installers came in an unmarked old pickup. One spoke English with a heavy Spanish accent, the other only spoke Spanish. They had one dish with them, a Dish 1000.2 which they mounted on the roof after removing my existing Dish 500 dish. They couldn't get a  signal from 129 so they put the Dish 500 back, let me install the ViP722 and left.

A "trouble shooting tech" came at 5 pm October 14, 2007 to mount the wing dish. After some time of viewing with a compass from the roof, he decided he couldn't mount a wing dish on the roof. So he installed it on the deck pictured, in the corner to the left. He couldn't get a signal, so he moved it towards the east (right) about 6 feet. He got a signal sufficient to give a picture. By then it was 9 pm, pitch black, and he couldn't see a thing. So he left. It turned out the dish was aimed near the edge of a tree, so every time a bird sneezed we lost the picture. He also said he didn't have the right switch but had a DPP44 which he installed, though the #3 satellite input didn't work so he had to use the #4. He simply laid the switch flat on its back on the roof exposed to the weather.

A different "trouble shooting tech" came August 6, 2008 (again at 5 pm, why?)  to solve the tree problem. He moved the dish to three different locations on the deck without getting a signal. So at 8:30 pm he put it back in the original location while it was still light.

So since we needed to put a railing around the deck and my wife wanted planting benches on the deck as its the only place we get full sun, I am meeting both needs by placing the planting benches along the edge and I mounted the dish on two of the benches 42" higher than it was. This increased the signal on all transponders by about 15% and appears to have resulted in more signal stability because it will take higher winds to blow the tree into the "view" of 129.

On April 20, 2009 the DPP44 switch failed. The tech arrives on the 21st at 5 pm without a replacement switch. But he did have a DP34 which he installed. The whole experience is described here.

Our First Computer System